Era of Sex Flute of Pan

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Era of Sex Flute of Pan

"You've got a new case Officer" A /blonde/">blonde policeman said as he tossed a file on to the desk and left. The elegant
brown-hair police woman pulled her chair closer to the desk and opened the file. Her skin was tanned and from the
looks of it, she was Hispanic. 

"Hmmm... Some eliged raper.... thought to live in the abandoned warehouse on Mason Street downtown....I guess I've
got a busy night today." Katerina Gonzales said as she got up from her chair, grabbed her brown coat and purse and
headed out. She was wearing a white thin blouse that showed the outlines of her bra and a dark blue police skirt.
She left the police station and walked down the stairs to her green car and opened the door and sat inside. She 
began driving.

By nighttime, she had reached the warehouse, which was in rumbles. She left her purse in the car as she had the parked
the car at the back of the building. She locked her car and rumaged around the building. She found a door and opened
it as it creaked open. She silently walked into a dark hallway. Kat then withdrew her gun and she loaded it.

"This could get messy" She said as she walked towards the door at the end of the hallway. She pushed the door open
and accidently pushed herself into the damp room. The light was dimmly red, but she could see. But the light
gave her a headache. All of a sudden, a arm wrapped around her neck and she felt her head smash into the wall. She
elbowed the assailer and he let go, and Kat fell to the ground and looked up to find a dark haired man with a black
turtle neck shirt and the wwwxxx black pants. Kat's head was spinning.

"So Officer Katerina, I was waiting for this." He said with a smirk. She tried to push her self away but he held
her back. 

"Who are you?" Kat said meakly.

"My friends call me Phallys." He said as he fell to his knees and crawled to Kat. Kat tried to kick him, but she 
realized that she would be useless without the gun she dropped. Kat tried to get up, but she had twisted her ankle and
it burned. 

"Stop. This is wrong" She screamed but Phallys appeared over her and began his tour of her body. He forced her down to the
ground and held his hand at her neck and squeezed. Kat began to choke as he smiled at his new victim. He let go and
instantly ran his fingers downher shirt feeling her soft body between her breasts. He started by undoing the buttons
to her collared blouse. The dim light made Kat dizzy. Phallys forced the blouse off after he unbuttoned it and he
sat down on her vagina. He began a lick road from her belly button, up to the middle of her bra.

"This won't do, Nope nope" He said as he reached over and undid her bra and took it off. Kat, who had all this
training in defense, was defenseless. Her head and neck ached. IN seconds, her beautiful round breasts were revealed.
He began rubbing them in circles and then began to squeeze them tightly as they hardened up. Kat screemed.

"Please stop... Please..." She cried. Phallys then got off her waist and then took off his shirt, pants and /underwear/">underwear,
revealing his hard 11 inch /master/">master. He laid on top of Kat, in a way, which his head faced her skirt and his cock
was in front of her mouth.

"Suck darling... suck" He said as he began to switch his attention to her skirt. Kat began to lick casually.
Phallys sent his hand into her warm body and fingered her, making her feel the pleasure. She moaned silently.
She began sobbing as he pulled down her skirt and underwear, revealing her unshaved /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

"So, you've been enjoying this, haven't you" Phallys said as he turned his head around. "What? You don't like my
friend?" He scolded with a smile after seeing that she was not giving him oral anymore. He got up and turned around. He looked at his hand. His middle finger had a
metal attachment. He took his middle and index finger and drove them into her vagina. She moaned. He pushed hard and
burned her sides with friction. The metal was too much. She cummed out over his fingers.

"That was quick, darling" He said as he crawled up to her. Her face was full of tears. He began to drive his long
rod into her small slit. He began moaning as his rod squeezed and rubbed itself in the side. He had been use to this
stuff and began to quicken up. He drove in and out and sighed. He went back in and his face lit up. He climaxed and ejaculted
in her warm cunt. She gasped in horror as her virginity was no more. He pushed her body front and back, humping her vagina. He wanted more.

He pushed her small frame with his still /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, which seemed to have a mind of its own. The rubbing sensation
forced both Phallys and Kat to moan. But Phallys; joy and Kat; pain. He withdrew, right before erupting and blasted
Kat's depressed face. She screamed as /semen/">semen rolled into her mouth and her face dripped into it. Phallys stood up
playfully and dressup back up. He took Kat's clothes in his hand.

"I'll just keep this for good memories, darling. Hope to keep in touch" He said whimsically. He walked off. Kat lay
there with her hands on her face, crying. Her mind was paralyzed and her ankle wwwxxx burned.

She had been raped by a monster. She had fiddled with the Flute of Pan.

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