The Best Man Whippted My Ass

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Best Man Whippted My Ass

We were in Las Vegas getting my friend and bride ready for her wedding. She admitted to me that her soon to be husband was into pain with sex. I wouldnt admit it, but I was very turned on by the whole thing. As I was dressing her, the groom came out of the bathroom. He was wearing only a towel. He watched as I placed the rubber "lifts" into his future wifes bra.

I had to touch her breast a lot to get them situated perfectly. I thought nothing of it. He watched for a good 5 minutes, standing there in his towel. At once he said "Zoe! I want your Maid of Honor on her hands and knees on the bed. NOW!" I was shocked but at the same time, kind of wet. Zoe looked at me and said "Well, hes going to be my husband and you are my /friend/best-friend/">best friend". I crawled up on the bed, a bit reluctantly. I was there, on all fours for at least a minute while he just looked at me. I could feel his eyes on my body. I was /scared/">scared but excited. He then told Zoe alain lyle porn to lift my dress up over my ass so that he could get a good look. She complied. I felt so exposed. And I was.

He then proceeded to take the belt from his pants. I could feel the swell between my legs. My Gawd. What was he going to do to me?? He then said "count to 50". He bagan whipping my bare ass. Hard. Each whip was one more toward the "50". I begged, and begged as the number got higher. "Please!!" My ass was in welts and burning. By the time he got to "50" there were tears coming from my eyes. Yet I knew I had to perform my maid of honor duties within indian santali xvideo 30 minutes. Not missing a beat, Zoes fiance proceeded to put two strands of large beads into my ass. I was to wear them during the whole ceremony and celebration.

They were incredibly uncomfortable but a nice reminder of how I had been tamed. When we left the hotel room for the chapel, once in the elevator, he put his hand up the back side of my dress. He lightly caressed my ass and gently pulled on the beads he had inserted in my ass earlier. He was reminding me that he owned me.

I was uncomfortable the entire night, yet at the same time, very turned on. He whispered to me during the after /party/">party celebration that I would be begging for an orgasm. He was right.....