Wild Night at Home

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Wild Night at Home

What a day at work. I usually have some fire left but not today. Driving home, all I could think about was rest. A long weekend was so needed. I arrived home as Sarah was leaving and we barely had time to chat before she split. It is great to have a hot roommate to look at. She's a little older than I am but oh so fine. You know the type, long legs, hair, and tits that could drive anyone . As I took my shower I tried not to think about my roomie but I couldn't help it. I couldn't get her out of my head. Usually It doesn't bother me but it's been awhile and she's here all the time. In no time my penis had turned into a raging mad . I couldn't help it. I concentrated on washing and getting out of the shower. 

Fighting the erge to satisfy myself in the shower made me pretty hungry, (or was that the lunch I had nearly nine hrs. ago)? After making myself a sandwich I decided to check out what was on the tube. Lying on the couch made me so drowsy. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Unfortunetly, every time I closed my eyes Sarah was standing over me. Why the hell am I so tired at only six. I couldn't fight it and finally, nighty night. 

"Sarah? What are you doing home?" I asked, puzzled 
" I got off work early and thought I would stay at home tonight." She replied. 
"" was the only response I could muster. "What time Is it?" I inquired groggily. 
"Like eleven thirty or so." she replied. "I am going in my room to watch TV" she stated. 
"Well, I am off to my room too." I replied back, "so if you need me just knock." 

After a power nap I found it hard to go back to sleep. I walked out to the living room and to my awe she had porn on the tv. Not only that but she also had no top on and three or so fingers had found their way into her . She was moaning like a cheap as I walked up behind her. she arched her back high and very quickly noticed me behind her, pitching a massive tent. She instantly froze in fright. After what seemed like forever I broke the silence. 

"Hungry?" I asked boldly. she didn't have a clue what to say next so she just nodded. 
"You know, I might have something for you to eat." I skawked. 

She gave a quick glance at my crotch and notice that I wasn't lying. She let out a low groan as her fingers left her . She stood up, and saying nothing walked over to me. She gave me a , pushing her naked body to me. 

I wrapped my arm around her waist and worked my hand down to her firm ass. I gave it a hard squeeze and she let out another little moan. Her hot snatch was pressing on my and the tip was getting hotter. She couldn't help her next course of action. She was almost primal as she dropped to her knees, right in front of my hard pole. She ran her hand up the leg of my boxers and grabbed my dick firmly. She then guided it through the pee hole so the head was sticking out. She first licked it, just a little, to get a taste, but, as her tongue ran over the tip she got a taste of my pre-cum. She licked it up and then, without warning shoved half my prick down her throat, letting out a shameless sigh. She slowly began to bob on my dick, taking a little more at a time until she was sucking my whole dick like a pro. 

As she got into it so did I and I couldn't help but let out a moan of pure pleasure. When I did she stuck my dick a far into her mouth as far as she could. As she pulled it out she sucked hard so that it popped as it came out of her mouth. 

"Damn, are you trying to make me cum right now, or what?" I asked in a slightly shaky voice. 

She said nothing but just continued to suck like it was the last dick on earth. She was trying hard to make me blow but I just wasn't willing to let that happen. I grabbed xnxxv sunny leone video her by her hair and pulled her off my prick. "I bet you wanna fuck me now huh?" she asked hungrily. I said nothing. Instead, I pushed her hard onto the couch. I pushed her legs far apart. By this time she was moaning and grunting. Without a seconds warning I buried my face in her bald pussy. I shoved my tongue in her hole as far as I could and she let out a yelp of pleasure. She put one hand on the back of my head and pushed my face hard into her mound. She began pinching and pulling on her nipples with the other hand and was going crazy. She was shamelessly fucking my face and starting to moan quite loudly. I took a couple of fingers and lubed them up with the juices that flowed from her hole. Then, without warning, I shoved them all the way into her hot hole. She let out a yelp then her pussy began to quiver. She arched her back then came in waves around my fingers. She lay there, breathing hard with her legs open, juice still flowing from her . 

"I bet you think i'm done huh, cuz if you do, your wrong." I said strongly. 

I moved up to her lips and kissed her deeply. I continued to kiss her, letting my hands run down her body. I moved over her then down to her stomach. I then moved to her thighs and began caressing them as I moved my mouth down to her tits. I let my tongue flick across them as she let out a soft moan. I gave one a little bite and her back arched responsively. In one quick motion I moved myself between her legs. I real forced anal against her will placed the tip of my dick at the opening of her wet slit and I could feel the heat from her snatch on my prick. 

"Are you going to fuck me or just hang out?" She commanded.

I rared back and pushed by cock deep into her hole. She let out a loud whine as i started to pound her pussy like a jackhammer. Her juices were dripping out around my prick as i fucked her hard. The sound of her moaning had began to keep time with my balls slapping hard against her ass cheeks. She was bucking as I fucked her senseless.

"!" She yelled.
I responded by lifting her ass up and to get her deeper.
"Harder!" she begged.
I pulled my dick out of her hole then backed away.
"Flip your silly ass over." I commanded forcefully.

She flipped over and got on her hands and knees and I got into position. I lightly pulled her cheeks apart and crammed my dick back into her wet snatch. She was moaning like a cheap whore as i fucked her for all she was worth. Her moans started to get louder and I knew she was getting close to the big "O". 
"Oh my god," she exclaimed "your gunna make me cum so fucking hard."
"Well don't hold back" I replied "cuz I close to filling that hole to the brim."

I raised my hand and gave her ass a good smack. She yelp out and I started to . That was all it took to send us both over the edge. As soon as I felt her pussy squeezing on my pole I grabbed onto her hips and drove her home. I began to fill her with shot after shot of .

After we stopped cumming we fell over exhausted. 

"That was awesome," I stammered.
"My pussy is so satisfied right now and I can barely keep my eyes open," she stated drowsily. 

We both fell asleep next to each other on the floor. When we woke a couple of hours later we said nothing to each other we just went to our rooms quietly. She knew, as I did though, that from then on our relationship would never be the same.