How Boredom Can Kill a Marriage

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How Boredom Can Kill a Marriage

Mrs. Sheela Mansell flicked through the morning papers not for the first time, she was bored. It was days like this when she regretted marrying a rich husband, who insisted that she stayed at home and looked after the children. But there were no children . Now nearing thirty, she regretted. having married and having to leave nursing a job which she had really enjoyed.

She had trained in a hospital in Mumbai and then come to England following the rest of her family, who had .emigrated some years previously. Her father had built up a good business and had done well for himself.

Nursing was hard work, but it had its moments. She had easily evaded the trap of an arranged marriage, as her parents had become partially anglicized and had not put any pressure on her, and she had enjoyed quite a few sexual liaisons during her nursing career. It was one of these brief affairs, which had introduced her to her husband and a boring marriage.

Suddenly their was a knock at the front door. Her heart beat with relief at least it could be something to relieve the boredom. She opened it and her friend Sarah?s husband Tony, was stood their with a big broad smile on his face.. Her heart leaped in excitement. Tony was fun, and she knew if she was ever going to be unfaithful it would be with him. Tony had a keen sense of humour, he was kind, and he always seemed sensitive to her moods. But above all he was a hunk, especially compared to her husband.

He had brought a message from Sarah and today was his day off, so a visit to the lovely .Sheela was a welcome diversion for him.. His wife was working at the local hospital so he was all alone. He gladly accepted the offer of a coffee from Sheela..

While Sheela made the coffee Tony was looking at her photos, he noticed the photo of a baby girl and asked Sheela why she had never had children. Sheela told him. ?I have tried since we were married but it does not seem to ever happen for us.

?Sarah does not want children, but I would love to have at least two. Tony said, and for the /first-time/">first time looking serious. ?She wants me to have a vasectomy but I have refused, so she refuses to sleep with me any more?.

?Sheela sighed ?Oh god Tony, if only I had met you first.?

Tony said. If you had a baby by another man would your husband know??
?I wouldn?t tell him. Why are you offering?? Sheela asked a mischievous grin on her face.

Then she noticed that Tony had taken her seriously and was not smiling.

Sheela whispered, "If you are really serious, we could take it from there."

Tony realized it was now or never, so he rose from his chair and moved to sit next to Sheela Her lovely brown eyes gleamed with desire as she faced him.. Tony slipped his left arm around Sheelas shoulders, and pressed his lips to hers.

After a few seconds, Tony said, "I think you are lovely Sheela if only I had married you instead.." Tonys right hand found Sheelas left hand, and he guided it down to the bulge in his pants. Sheela realised that Tony was indeed serious as she rubbed the bulge eagerly.

"You are serious aren?t you Tony?" Sheela whispered.
Tony did not answer but instead lifted her chin and kissed Sheela passionately, their tongues intertwining. He ran the fingers of his right hand through Sheelas hair as they kissed. Sheela wrapped her arm around Tonys waist pressing her hand between his pelvis and hers. She could feel his bulge continuing to grow as she squeezed it. Tony slid his hands down until they were rubbing Sheelas buttocks.

When they stopped for breath, Tony whispered, "Sheela darling Ive wanted you for so long."

"I want you too Tony dear. Why did you never say? Lets go up to my bedroom," Sheela suggested.

"Lead the way," Tony smiled.

Sheela took Tonys hand, and led him up the stairs to her bedroom. Once in the room,

Sheela turned her back to Tony.

"Unzip me darling," Sheela instructed.

Tonys fingers trembled with excitement as he located the small zipper. He slid  it down carefully, exposing more skin and then a black bra strap. When she was  unzipped, Tony kissed the back of Sheelas neck. She turned, slipped the dress from
her shoulders, and quickly removed it entirely. Having worn no slip that morning .

Sheela stood before Tony wearing just a black bra and matching black bikini panties, and a black garter belt and sheer black stockings. It was the sexiest sight that Tony
had seen for a long time..

"You like?" Sheela asked.

"Ohhh yes I like a lot" Tony said.

"Now your turn," Sheela said moving close to Tony. She grasped the bottom of his sweater and undershirt and lifted them up and off together. Tony was happy to let Sheela do whatever she pleased. Sheela placed her palms on his chest and slowly ran them up to his groin. She looked up at Tony. Her mouth was open and her eyes gleamed with lust.

"I want you so much, and I want our baby" Sheela purred.

"The feeling is mutual," Tony whispered.

Next, Sheela undid Tonys belt, and then slid his zipper down. She couldnt wait to see his stiff cock. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants and briefs, and pulled them down together. Sheela inhaled sharply as she gazed at an impressive hard-on sticking straight out from the young mans body. She watched it bob around as Tony stepped out of his pants. Then Sheela moved close and curled the fingers of her right hand around it, feeling its warmth. Tony moaned quietly at her touch. Sheela enjoyed the contrast of her tan fingers around his large snow white /erection/">erection. When Sheela gently squeezed the hard-on, she felt it throb in her hand.

"I just knew somehow that you were going have a big, handsome cock," Sheela said softly.

Sheela looked into Tonys eyes as she fondled his cock. Tony closed his eyes
and exhaled as the pleasure flowed from cock to his brain. Sheela smiled and
rubbed the head of the cock with her thumb.

Tony moved closer to Sheela, placed his hands on her shoulders, and pressed his
lips to hers. Sheelas hand stroked his hard-on. As Tony slid his lips against Sheelas
and their tongues passionately dueled. As Tony ran his fingers through Sheelas
dark hair, Sheela rubbed the tip of his cock against her stomach.

"Im completely nude, but you still have your underwear on," Tony whispered into
Sheelas ear.

"And I thought you liked my undies," Sheela smiled,

"Theyre awesome, but I want to see your body too. Can I take off your bra and

"Whatever you want."

Tony moved behind Sheela, unhooked her bra, and moved against her from behind. He slid his hands over her hips, up her stomach, and under the loose bra cups. Sheela
sighed as Tonys fingertips brushed over her sensitive nipples. She let the bra  slide to her wrists, and then to the floor joining the growing pile of clothes.  Tony cupped her breasts from behind and kissed her neck.

Next, Tony moved in front of her, and slowly slid her panties down, watching as he exposed her triangle of dark pubic hair.

"Lets get on the bed," Sheela said.

They fell on the bed, hugging, kissing, and fondling each other. Tony kissed his  way down Sheelas neck, and continued to her firm breasts. Sheelas nipples and  areolas were neither too small nor too large... just perfect. Holding one tit  with his hand, Tony licked her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Then, he moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. As he licked her nipple, he  slid his right hand down, through her soft bush, and began to gently rub between
her legs. Sheela was already wet, and moaned quietly. She was happy to have a man putting her pleasure ahead of his own.

After spending some time licking her nipples, Tony began to kiss his way downward, over Sheelas stomach and down her abdomen.

"Where are you going?" Sheela asked.

"I thought youd like me to go down on you," Tony replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean lick your pussy," Tony smiled. Sheela understood , but it would be a new experience for her..

? Ill bet youll like it.? Tony whispered

"My husband say?s that is disgusting. We never do it."

"Your husband does not know what he is talking about, and didnt care about your

Sheelas heart was pounding with the excitement of breaking another /taboo/">taboo.

She whispered, "Do anything you want to me. It will be worth it."

Sheela spread her legs. Tony ran the fingertips of his right hand into Sheelas curly pubes, gazing lustfully, and savoring the texture. Sheelas pubic bush was the same black colour as her hair. It appeared to Tony that Sheela probably had trimmed it, but just for neatness. It remained a full, dense bush. Her thighs had been shaved all the way up and around. Tonys fingertips moved over her damp,  outlined lips, then back into her soft pubic bush, then back over her vaginal lips.

Next, Tony ran his tongue slowly up Sheelas left inner thigh. She held her breath as Tony teased his way closer to her vagina. Then Tony pressed his lips into Sheelas pussy and kissed her pussy passionately.

"Oh yes, Tony," Sheela exhaled.

Sheela lifted herself on her elbows to better view her first time receiving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex. She looked into Tonys blue eyes as he ran his tongue up her moist slit.  Upon reaching her clit, Tony flattened his tongue and made small circles over it. Waves of pleasure flowed to Sheelas mind.

"Oh, I like it like that," Sheela moaned, and ran her fingers through her lovers hair.

With his tongue, Tony flicked Sheelas clit, made circles, and licked her inside and out. Sheela loved the feeling more than any sexual pleasure shed ever experienced. Her husband had never bothered about her pleasure once they had married.. Now, Tony was taking her to unimaginable heights.

Tony then slipped two fingers into Sheelas pussy, as he continued to lick her clit. Her moist, soft pubes tickled his nose, and he savored the aroma of aroused womanhood. He ran his left hand from the bare skin of her thigh to her stocking top?s and back again.

Still propped up on her elbows, Sheela gazed at the upper portion of Tonys handsome face just above her abdomen. From the nose down, his face wasnt visible as it pressed against her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She loved the visual. It surprised Sheela how quickly her orgasm was coming.

"Oh yes, Tony... thats it... Im almost there," Sheela moaned, "Mmmmm... Uuunnnhhh... Aaahhh..."

Sheelas body shuddered as a powerful orgasm swept through her. She collapsed onto her back. Tony knew he had made her cum. He wiped her juices from his mouth with the back of his hand, and then moved up in order to kiss Sheela. Once again their tongues intertwined. When they paused to breathe, Sheela smiled at Tony.

"Would you like me to suck your cock?" Sheela asked.

"Yes please," Tony said.

Sheela grinned and said, "Yes please what?"

Tony knew that Sheela wanted to hear him talk dirty.

He smiled and said, "Please suck my cock."

"I would love to," Sheela grinned, "It is such a big, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Lay on your back."

Tony laid on his back and Sheela positioned herself across Tonys thighs facing him. Sheela curled xxx her fingers around Tonys hard-on, leaned downward, and swirled her tongue around the swollen pinkish head several times. Tony moaned with pleasure. Sheela then licked up and down the long hard shaft, feeling it grow even harder. Finally, she slid her lips over the head, and took the young boner deep  into her mouth, where she sucked it and massaged it with her tongue.

Sheela stopped sucking momentarily, and said with a smile, "Your cock is bigger than my husbands "

Tony was enjoying Sheelas sucking his cock and that was all that mattered.

"That felt sooo good," Tony moaned.

"I am just getting warmed up," Sheela grinned.

Sheela slid Tonys hard-on in and out of her mouth rapidly, wanting to return the pleasure Tony had given her. As Sheelas head bobbed up and down, Tony ran his fingers through her soft, dark hair. Her quiet slurping and gagging noises excited Tony even more.

Concerned that he might lose control too quickly, Tony said, "Why dont you climb on top and fuck me?"

"I like that idea," Sheela purred.

Sheela positioned herself over Tonys hips, held his stiff cock up, and lowered her pussy onto it. She moaned as she felt it fill her. Sheela began to slowly lift her pelvis up and down, savoring the feel of a long, hard cock inside her.

Tony did his best to lick and suck Sheelas bouncing nipples as she pumped. He also tried to watch his cock sliding in and out of Sheelas pussy.

Soon, Sheela began moaning again, "Ohh... Ahh... Ohh... Ahh.."

Then they became one word, "Ohah... Ohah... Ohah..." she panted as she pumped
more rapidly.

Tony felt Sheelas body shudder again as she came. He felt his own dam about to

"Im gonna cum!" Tony announced.

"Cum, baby, cum!" Sheela encouraged him.

A second later, a geyser of warm cum spurted onto Sheelas pussy. Sheela was Ecstatically happy. She was sure that now she would be having Tony?s baby . As Tony shuddered and moaned, as he came in long spurts of baby juice.

"Yes, thats my /boy/big-boy/">big boy... let that /cock/big-cock/">big cock shoot lots of baby seed in me..." Sheela panted, smiling broadly as she stroked, "My naughty, big boy."

Sheela and Tony held and kissed one another. It had been a long time since Sheela had actually enjoyed sex, and Tony had shown her /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex shed ever known, and at a slower, less frenzied pace, Sheela and Tony tongue-kissed and explored each others mouths. Tony ran his finger through Sheelas dark hair, savoring the /sensual/">sensual softness. Sheela was especially pleased to discover that her lovers cock was growing hard against her thigh.

Sheela eagerly reached down, and fondled Tonys cock, while their tongues intertwined. Seeking to make the most of the opportunity, Sheela broke their kiss and slid down the bed to Tonys pelvis. She held the base of Tonys cock and took it into her mouth once again. Tony moaned quietly. She stroked his dick with her lips, taking it deep into her mouth.

"Look at that /big/big-cocks/big-white-cock/">big white cock grow!" Sheela said as she stroked Tony?s stiffening cock with her hand. Sheela licked up and down the length of Tonys length, like it was an ice cream cone. She swirled her tongue around the head, and flicked the underside with the tip of her tongue.

"Ohhh... youre a naughty lover," Tony whispered.

"Glad you like it," Sheela replied.

Tony then watched with delight as Sheela slowly slid her lips over the head of his cock, and took at least half of his cock into her warm, moist mouth. She sucked his cock and caressed it with her tongue. Within moments, Tony was completely hard once again.

Next, Sheela guided Tonys cock into her cheek so that Tony could see it bulge out. She then pulled his hardness from her cheek, creating a soft popping sound.

"Oh god..." Tony moaned.

Sheela repeated the pecker popping movement several times for Tonys enjoyment.

Then Sheela pulled the young hard-on from her mouth and said shyly, "Tony, will you do something for me?"

"Anything... Just name it."

"I very much liked it when you licked me down there," Sheela said, pointing between her legs. "Would you mind terribly porn videos download licking my. pussy some more?"

Tony smiled and replied, "It would be my pleasure. ."

Sheela grinned and said, "Please lick my... pussy."

"Oh yeah, beautiful."

"Where do you want me?" Sheela asked.

"Kneel over my face. Put your knees on either side of my head," Tony instructed Sheela.

At that point, Sheela was happy to try anything. She carefully put a stocking-clad knee on either side of her lovers face. Then she lowered her pussy to Tonys eager tongue. Tony pressed his tongue into Sheelas moist pussy lips. Sheela looked down and watched her lick her pussy. When Sheela felt his tongue begin to explore her clit once again, she moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. Waves of pleasure flowed through he body. Sheela felt two of Tonys fingers begin to slide in and out of her wet box. She began to gently pump her pussy against Tonys tongue. He felt her stockings brush against his ears. He felt her fingers in his hair urging his mouth tighter against her muff.

Sheela was gazing down, intently watching Tony lick where nobody had ever licked before. She felt flattered that he gladly pressed his handsome face into her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. It added to Sheelas excitement.

Through partly clenched teeth, Sheela moaned, "Yes... Yes... You lick my pussy so good... Oh, I like it like that... You make me feel so naughty... Lick my naughty pussy..."

Sheelas pumping against Tonys mouth became more vigorous. The waves of pleasure became even more intense. She gripped the headboard as she became dizzy with lust. Reaching back, Sheela was pleasantly surprised to curl her fingers around a still hard cock, which she gladly fondled. Sheelas gaze was riveted on her pussy moving against her lovers mouth. It was the most exciting thing shed ever seen.

"Im almost there!" Sheela moaned. "Ohah... Ohah... Ohah..." She moaned in rhythm with her thrusts.

Suddenly her body stiffened, and then shuddered as another powerful orgasm swept through her. She gripped the headboard, and moved her ultra-sensitive vagina from Tonys mouth. His face glistened with her juices. His blue eyes gleamed up at hers.

When Sheela regained her composure, she pulled several tissues from a box on her nightstand and attempted to clean her juices from Tonys face.

"Sorry I get so wet," Sheela apologized.

"I consider it a compliment," Tony smiled.

"You have been so good to me in so many ways," Sheela said, as she began to fondle Tonys hard-on once again. "I hope I can give you pleasure in return."

"Thats a great way to start," Tony moaned softly.

Sheela shifted position and rubbed the tip of the cock against one nipple and then the other. Her erect nipples were quite sensitive, and the swollen pinkish head provided wonderful stimulation. Tony was enjoying the visual. He slid his hand up Sheelas thigh and into her soft bush. Sheela was still wet and Tony massaged her clit with his fingertips.

Sheela whispered, "I want to feel your cock inside of me again."

"Lay on your back," Tony said quietly.

Sheela turned and spread her legs. Tony knelt between them, rubbed the head of his hard-on against her moist lips, and slowly pushed inside. Sheela moaned as she felt him fill her. Slowly, Tony began to slide his hard-on in and out of Sheelas wet pussy, savoring the sensation. He kissed her neck, and then arched his body so that he could lick her nipples, while he slid his hard-on in and out of her  tight box. The simultaneous sensations made Sheelas mind dizzy with lust.

Next, without removing his cock, Tony sat upright, sitting back on his heels. He wanted to savor the sight of his hard-on sliding in and out of Sheela?s /pussy/indian-pussy/beautiful-indian-pussy/">beautiful indian pussy. With his thumb, he rubbed Sheelas clit, while he fucked her. He watched his a cock disappear into Sheelas pussy and then quickly re-appear, over and over.

Sheela looked up at her lover in amazement. It surprised her that any man could or would have the desire to please her in the way that Tony did. He had already made her orgasm twice, and she suspected she was a minute or so away from another one. Her right index finger joined Tonys on her clit, and within seconds, her body shuddered as she came yet again.

Sheelas orgasm triggered Tonys loss of control. Tony moaned as spurts of his baby seed flooded into Sheela?s waiting womb.

It was a long satisfying day and Sheela and Tony met whenever possible for sex. It was not long before Sheela announced that she had missed her period. When Tony told her that according to jis search of hospital records, her husband had previously had a vasectomy. She decided that it was time to leave him.

A month later Tony and Sheela set up home and petitioned for divorce. Their divorce became final three months after their first /daughter/">daughter was born.