Oceanfront housemates

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Oceanfront housemates

I live in a rented house stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv in Manly an oceanfront suburb of Sydney; I share the house with two of my friends Gail & Roxanne (Roxy). My name is Erica. I love living here because we have an absolute waterfront view, the sea breezes keep the temperatures down to a pleasant level. There is a verandah leading off the two upstairs bedrooms to the front.

Each morning as the sun rises it streams into my bedroom so I am awake before dawn most mornings, there are curtains but I prefer to be woken that way. I like to go out onto the verandah in the early mornings first thing. If there are no people in the street I take my robe off and do some exercises there, it really makes me feel horny just being out there naked feeling the fresh morning breeze on my body.

Roxy has the room next to mine and Gail?s room is in the back of the house. One morning in July I was out on the verandah naked, it was a very cold winters morning (for Sydney) about 6 C the breeze was fairly strong coming straight off the ocean. The sun had been up for about ten minutes and it was not yet strong enough to warm my skin. I could see a few people surfing just off the beach, I guess that they could see me too but it is about 300 meters to the sand and they were another 150 meters out in the surf so I wasn?t worried.

Anyway with the sound of the surf and the breeze against my face I didn?t hear Roxy open the doors off her bedroom, she came up from behind me the first thing I knew about her being there was when I felt her hand in my bum cheek. I was startled when I turned to see what was there. Roxy was naked too! I had seen her naked before but this time she looked beautiful. Her long wavy red hair catching the breeze. Her lilly white skin covered in goose bumps. Her breasts firm 34b, nipples hard and erect from the cold, and her red pubes shining with the suns rays.

I started to think how sexy Roxy really was! Then she took my hand and put it against her breast, her skin was like ice the nipple as hard as a rock. I didn?t know what to say! Then she put her arm around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips. I don?t know what came over me then but I started to kiss her back, she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and our cold bodies were pressing against each other. Roxy was so cold against me. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. My mind was filling with expectations of what was about to happen between us.

Once we were inside her bedroom we closed the glass door and the breeze was now locked outside and the suns rays were streaming into the bedroom. Almost instantly the sun was warming my skin but I was still trembling inside. Roxy said that she had been waiting for this moment, and that she had been watching me out there for months. She kissed me again as we stood in the warming sunlight both totally naked our tongues /wrestling/">wrestling inside each-others mouths. We stopped and I said that I had secretly wished for this to happen too. She didn?t answer she just kissed me again and led me to her bed. The sun was shining on the white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie bed so I thought that at least we wont be cold for too long. As it turned out I didn?t have any worries about cold that morning.

Roxy had me in her bed and she was there beside me, she placed her hand on my breast my nipple still erect, she took my nipple in her mouth her tongue was hot on my nipple, she circled it a few times then sucked gently on it. She said how sexy she thought I was and told me how she had visions of us together. 

She ran her hand down along my body brushing my brown pubic hairs as she ran her hand down my leg to my knee, then she brought her hand back up again this time along the inside of my thigh. I bent my knee a little to let my legs open just a little bit. She ran her finger along the vulva and then spread me a bit and touched my clit. She ran her hand back up to my breasts again and kissed me harder thrusting her tongue deep onto my mouth. Her hand went back down to my pussy and this time I opened my legs more. Her hand went straight to my crotch I felt her fingers spreading me. Then she sat up on the bed and said she wanted to see my /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. Now she was kneeling beside my body her both hands working my pussy and my clit. This was the most exciting lovemaking I had ever had. She looked around at me and without another word she went down on me! Oh my god! Roxy was licking my pussy. And although my pussy had been licked before this time it was different. This girl was giving me the most tremendous feelings that I had ever had, I could feel my orgasm starting to build from deep within my body. I wanted to start working on Roxy. I didn?t want her to think I was going to let her miss out on what I was getting. I started to run my hand around her thigh and leg. Roxy immediately lifted one leg and put it down on the other side of me. She was straddling me her pussy just inches from my face. I could smell her /sweet/">sweet scent, I reached between her legs and found her clit and started to rub it gently. Roxy was still licking and sucking my pussy sending uncontrollable waves of excitement through my body. I knew that if she kept this up I would be cumming soon. She pressed her hips closed to my face and I knew she wanted me to lick her pussy too. I kissed her vaginal opening ant it was hot and wet. I licked my finger and picked up some of her juices on my finger and used it to lubricate her clit. I licked her pussy pushing my tongue inside as far as I could. Then my body stiffened and I knew my body was about to orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body. Roxy then stopped for a moment

Now I was determined to return the favor for this girl who had expertly brought me to a level I had never been before. I got her to lay on the bed and I went down on her. She had her legs open in anticipation; gently I took her swollen clit into my mouth and sucked it a bit circling it with my tongue. I licked two fingers and used them on her clit too. I could hear her soft moans of delight as I was licking her. I eased one finger between her vulva and went to slip it inside her. She was so wet my finger slipped in easily so I put another finger in too. Her scent began to get stronger and her vulva was swelling. She began to move with my licks and sucks. I could sense that I was starting to bring this girl to orgasm. I started to lick and suck just a little bit harder for her, her moans becoming more frequent her thrusting of hips becoming more noticeable. I felt her body go tense beneath mine and I knew she was on the brink of orgasm I pressed my mouth harder against her clit licking it like there was no tomorrow and her orgasm arrived and I kept my mouth firmly on her clit. I could feel her body throbbing beneath me as she came with delight.

I collapsed on her my head still between her legs and by now I was straddling her but her mouth could not reach my pussy because I was so tired. It was then that I heard her doing something. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was. Then I heard another sound (Oh My God) it was a /vibrator/">vibrator she turned it on it made a soft humming sound. It was pink and seemed to be made of a soft wobbly silicone sort of see-through. As it vibrated it wobbled too, Roxy had to catch it before it wobbled out of her hands.

Now she said are you ready to have a /orgasm/real-orgasm/">real orgasm? I was so nervous I didn?t answer but without realizing it I lifted my pussy from her chest and before I knew it Roxy had her vibrator inside me. I think it had two speeds and as Roxy pressed it in I immediately began to react almost instantly I could feel another orgasm building within my body. She moved it in and out a few times pumping me with it. Then she turned it to the higher speed and it not only was vibrating but it wobbled too. Roxy pumped it a bit more but I was in heaven I had an even more powerful orgasm than I had earlier. Roxy took it out of me and she licked it taking all my juices from it.

Roxy said she wanted me to do it for her. She knelt on the bed with her head down and her pussy up and said she was ready for it. I worked out the switches I poked it inside her with it off and when it was in I put it on low and Roxy let out a squeal. I pumped her with it and she rocked back and forward moaning with each thrust. I could see that her pussy starting to swell again so I turned it to high! Roxy squealed again and she reached underneath between her legs and pushed it in further than I was doing for her. Then I saw her /pussy/pussy-cum/">pussy cum! I could see her muscles contact over and over again. Even after she took the vibrator out still her pussy was contracting. I could see milky juices oozing from Roxy?s pussy so feeling comfortable I just moved in on her pussy and licked them away.

We embraced for some time after and then we went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Gail was there and had some tea and toast ready. If Gail only knew what Roxy and I has done this morning! After breakfast I had a shower and got ready for work. 

When I was about to leave to catch the ferry and say bye to my housemates I spotted Roxy and Gail in the kitchen. They were kissing! EEK!!! I hurried off to work worrying all day what Roxy may have said to Gail.

To Be Continued...